Radified Guide to SCSI - Boot from a SCSI Hard Drive

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Miscellaneous Configuration Info Part 2

You may have trouble recognizing the Quantum's. After your first boot, and before you start to load more drivers as Windows asks, go to the Device Manager. Under SCSI, you'll see 2 entries for you card. Each entry is one channel. If have a yellow ! next to one of them, and you've already loaded the drivers for both channels, and your system is running in DOS compatibility mode (check the Performance tab)

Click on the offending channel and click the Settings tab. There you will see a blank, white box. In that box type: DisableDomainValidation=1, and reboot. The controller should now recognize your Quantum's as U160 and you system will return to 32bit operation. You may also need to update SCSI card's BIOS, too.

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